The real character of key accused in the Bhanwari Devi case emerges with a new complaint

Sunil Gurjar

The hue and cry that was raised about the Bhanwari Devi case are yet to settle, as many of the accused have still not been arrested. The case is yet to reach a conclusion in the trial, delayed by absconders in the case. Additionally, despite strong allegations against a few members, investigating agencies have unable to make headway are collect additional evidence for formally arresting the individuals. The Central Bureau of Investigation has repeatedly questioned these individuals who have been alleged to have a role in the case. However, as a result of insufficient evidence, the individuals remain free from arrest. This does not actually absolve the individuals of any wrongdoing or role in the case. It is only the nature of the evidence that is not available, which has given them freedom.

Sunil Gurjar


One such individual is Sunil Gurjar who is alleged to have played a very important role in the case. Despite being questioned on multiple occasions, he has not been arrested yet. A complaint has been filed against him by his own brother in law, which portrays his character and conduct. He apparently agreed to sell his Mercedes car to his brother-in-law and took the agreed amount in two tranches. His brother-in-law Surendra, expected to take custody of the car after the second installment of the amount was handed over. However, even after handing over the money as agreed, Sunil failed to give possession of the car. This prompted Surendra to file a complaint with the jurisdictional police regarding the fraud. The complaint and the supporting documents that have been presented by the victim clearly show that Sunil Gurjar planned the fraud in detail. Surendra paid an advance amount to Sunil, following which Surendra also applied for a loan to pay the remaining amount to Sunil. In pursuance of this, Sunil also signed the necessary documents which had to be presented for the purpose of availing the loan.


After approval of the loan, and on receipt of the loan amount, Surendra handed over the entire amount to Sunil in good faith. However, Sunil failed to handover possession of the car. This is the timeline of events that happened in the case following which Surendra filed a complaint with the jurisdictional police. While this is clearly a case of cheating, with various sections of the law applicable to the offense, it is, more importantly, an indication of the character and conduct of Sunil Gurjar. His desire to acquire wealth, by all means, gives credit to all the allegations that he was involved in the making of the sleaze CD that rocked Rajasthan. The allegations were that he wanted to unseat MahipalMaderna and that in pursuance of this; he connived with the victim to make and circulate the CD. His alleged role in the making and the circulation of the CD has not been substantiated and this is one of the reasons why the CBI has not booked him. It is also true that there are no private complaints against known unknown persons for the making and circulation of the video CD. If that angle had been investigated, it is highly probable that Sunil Gurjar may have found himself in the clutches of the law.

Sunil Gurjar Sabal Bharat Sansthan

If the contents in the latest complaint about Sunil Gurjar are true, it clearly shows that he has no integrity. As per the details that are available, it is his own brother in law who was filed the complaint. If it is true that he has created his own brother in law, it is not hard to imagine him cheating others or finding shortcuts to acquire wealth. Similarly, there are also allegations against him that he has been running an NGO which is involved in making money from innocent victims who are asked to pay a fee for registration. If all the collective allegations are true, then it is very easy to see the large picture that Sunil Gurjar is probably neck-deep in his role in the crime against Bhanwari Devi. He has reportedly given interviews to media that he was not involved in the making and distribution of the CD. However, he also claimed that he had informed or attempted to inform MahipalMaderna about the existence of a CD. As per his own admission he was aware of the CD much before it became public knowledge. However, he has not given a detailed explanation of how he came to know about the CD.


Similarly, in one of the recorded telephone calls of the victim, she speaks of how she was introduced to a power broker from Delhi who offered to pay a huge sum of money in return for silence and for destroying the CD. The individual who facilitated this meeting between the victim and the power broker is none other than Sunil Gurjar. It is true that the act of introducing one to another does not necessarily constitute a crime, however it is important to understand that the circumstances surrounding the call and the events that followed after this call are very important as far as the abduction and disappearance of Devi are concerned. This effectively means that the individuals who facilitated and who were on the call were a part of the huge conspiracy to eliminate the victim. Though the investigating agencies may have looked into this angle, it is highly likely that the lack of suitable evidence has permitted Sunil Gurjar to escape from the law.


The fact that he has not been arrested does not actually clear him of all the allegations, but all of the murky happenings clearly indicate that he had a role to play in the case. His involvement is apparently very deep and goes back a very long time, much before the contents of the CD came in public domain. The complaint against him by his brother-in-law Surendra is a clear pointer to his activities. His quest to earn money does not differentiate between good and bad, relatives and strangers, the wealthy and poor, or any other parameter. For him, it is apparently money that counts, and the manner in which he earns the money does not really matter to him. Though it is possible that he may slip out from the law even in this case, there is no denying the fact that his activities make him a despicable human being.

The vital link in Rajasthan sleaze case at liberty despite clear involvement

Sunil Gurjar

Every single day there are thousands of cases being filed in police stations – some are cases that happened at the spur of the moment, some are preplanned, and some are professionally carried out. Among the cases that have tugged at our conscience for the brutality and perversion, the Bhanwari Devi case of Rajasthan stands out as one of the most heinous crimes. It has been many years since the actual crime was committed, however, it has still not yet been concluded due to delay in the trial and the fact that few individuals have managed to evade arrest and questioning in the case.

Sunil GurjarNasirabad Congress

Public memory is always short and most individuals often read about the very latest incidents, letting the past fade away. However, for the family members of the victim, the long wait for justice and the perceived lack of action may have traumatic effects. It is true that the agencies involved in the investigation did a commendable job in identifying the main accused and taking them into custody. To give credit where credit is due, the government at that time sacked the main accused, a minister from his job for having refused to step down following the outcry and exposure of the case. However, a few individuals who are directly involved in the crime are absconding, while others are enjoying liberty despite a clear link to the case.


Bhanwari Devi the nurse fell into the wrong circle, on being employed in the state health department. Her looks and her consent to illicit relations with many powerful bureaucrats and people in government finally took a twist and she ended up losing her life in the most brutal manner. She became a victim to the insatiable lust of the group of perverted individuals that included MahipalMaderna, the ex-minister, senior officials in various government departments, and political leaders. The group apparently was united in their desire to take advantage of women from weaker sections of society.


Things seemed to go right for quite some time, and the relations between the perpetrators of the crime and the deceased took a turn downhill when she started making demands to fulfill her ambitions and aspirations. When her relationship brought her many favors in the form of additional income and luxury, she started harboring a desire to acquire more wealth and to become powerful. She slowly turned into a mini power center, facilitating transfers and promotions of individuals. When her aspirations increased, the group members felt that it was difficult to accommodate the demands. She sought a ticket to contest the elections in addition to more funds for her family. However, the moment she tried to read into political territory, the leaders felt threatened as they did not want to give space to a woman and to someone whom they considered as an object for gratification.


In pursuance of her demands, she apparently made a video recording of her compromising position and acts with the minister. She intended to use that to blackmail the minister into submitting to her demands. As per the investigation, the group got together to conspire and hatch a plan to eliminate her, after efforts to placate her were not successful. As per the plan she was offered huge sums of money by a powerful person from Delhi, and this was done to ensure that she stayed silent. The group gained her confidence with this offer and then made the next move of getting her abducted and eliminated. There are various players, in this case, some who have been arrested, while some who remain scot-free. The ex-minister was arrested and is in the hospital due to health complications. One of the key conspirators in the case, who is alleged to have had a big role in the abduction and murder, is missing.


A few individuals have been questioned repeatedly but continue to stay free from arrest. One is Sunil Gurjar, who was allegedly instrumental in getting the victim to get in touch with the power broker from Delhi. There are also allegations that he was responsible for making the sleaze CD by conniving with the victim. Similarly, there are allegations that he was the one who had distributed copies of the CD much before the case came into the public domain. If both the allegations are true, then he is apparently the most important person in the case. His role in arranging for discussions between the mediator and the victim, when seen against the perspective of having been the main hand in the making of the video CD, gives a clear picture of his role.


However, luck seems to be in his favor, as he is yet to be arrested despite the alleged role. He has managed to convince the investigation that he is not involved. He has in fact managed to convince those involved in the case, that he had cautioned the ex-minister about the existence of the sleaze CD. In interviews given to the media, he has claimed that he learned about the contents of the CD and informed the same to the minister. While there is no proof regarding his attempts to contact the minister, his very statement proves that he was aware of the existence of the CD long before the news came into the public domain. This essentially means that the allegation of his role in the making of the CD may be partly or fully true. This also partly or fully substantiates the allegations that he had a role in distributing the CD.

Sunil Gurjar


His attempt to portray himself as an innocent individual, who had no role in any of the activities, will certainly not cut ice with the public. This is because of the different allegations that he is facing in society. It is not just the sleaze CD case, but his involvement in running an NGO that is believed to have defrauded a very large number of people of small sums of money. This small amount collected from individuals works out to a very huge amount. He also has a case filed against him by his own family member regarding monetary transactions that have not been honored. All this clearly indicates that he has a huge desire to acquire wealth through ill-gotten means. This also proves that he is influential in many circles, which actually permits him to carry on with all of his nefarious activities without getting into trouble.

Key conspirator in Rajasthan sex scandal case questioned and let off

The Bhanwari Devi sex scandal case continues to be one of the more depraved acts of a group of individuals. A young nurse was exploited and changed hands among a large number of powerful politicians and bureaucrats for an extended period of time. She was later murdered and after the public fall out of the case, an investigation into the entire incident revealed the hand of multiple individuals including a minister of the government at that time. When the case was taken over by the Central Bureau of Investigation, the minister was sacked due to his refusal to quit. As the investigations progressed, the role of multiple individuals in the case was revealed.


The role of the husband of the deceased, the role of a contract gang in the abduction and subsequent murder, and the role of individuals who laid the trap came out in the open. As investigations gathered pace, most of those who were directly or indirectly link to the crime where questioned, some were arrested, while some were let off. However, the investigations revealed a key conspirator. As details and phone recordings came out in the open, the role of an individual came into focus. Sunil Gurjar is alleged to have not only played a role in the crime but was apparently one of the main people involved in distributing the contents of the video CD.

As authorities dug deeper into the records and interrogated the accused, it emerged that this Sunil Gurjar was in possession of the CD one year before it was actually circulated. This essentially meant that Sunil Gurjar was probably instrumental in the making of the sleaze CD. There have been reports of allegations doing the rounds for quite some time that he was responsible for circulating the contents of the CD among the public and with media houses. It emerged that this could have been done with the intention of helping a detractor of the minister. Politics has strange bedfellows, it is highly likely that Sunil Gurjar may have done this at the behest of other powerful politicians who wanted to expose the minister. By exposing the activities of the minister, the cabinet berth automatically becomes vacant, offering an opportunity for others. This is precisely what happened in the case of MahipalMaderna. As the contents of the CD and the disappearance of Bhanwari Devi built pressure on the government, MahipalMaderna was asked to quit. On his refusal to quit he was sacked as a minister.


When the details of the role of Sunil Gurjar emerged from custodial interrogation and investigations, the Central Bureau of Investigation made preparations to issue a lookout notice. This was in an effort to trace Sunil Gurjar and question him about his role and complicity in the case. He was questioned multiple times and finally let off due to insufficient evidence. It is interesting to note that state police forces when conducting any investigation are more likely to arrest all the accused who are either directly or indirectly involved in the commission of any crime. However, in the case of the country’s premier investigating agency, individuals who are accused of specific offenses or role in the conspiracy are typically arrested only when there is proof that the agency feels evidence is strong enough. It may be a different fact that the individual is actually involved in a crime, but the lack of evidence will go in favor of the accused. This is because cases that involve multiple individuals who are co-conspirators in a common conspiracy are contested by brilliant defense attorneys who punch holes in the prosecution, by showing a weak link in the investigation and case.


Sunil Gurjar probably benefited from this loophole and continues to enjoy immunity from arrest due to his ability to cover his tracks. He purportedly claimed that he was not a part of the conspiracy, and also claimed that he was close to MahipalMaderna. He claimed that he was one among the individuals who had warned Maderna about the existence of a CD. In one of the telephonic conversation that was recorded, Bhanwari Devi repeatedly talks about meeting a powerful man from Delhi who had negotiated for settling the blackmail. He reportedly offered the deceased a huge sum of money in return for buying her silence on the issue. It is reported that liaison between the power broker from Delhi and the victim was the handiwork of Sunil Gurjar.


This apparently indicates the role of Sunil Gurjar in multiple areas of the crime. He was allegedly involved in the making of the CD, he was reportedly responsible for spreading the contents of the CD, he has been accused of facilitating discussion between the victim and a power broker from Delhi. It has also been rumored that the whole discussion angle was intended to make her feel comfortable and reassured, following which the plan to trap her may have been laid. If this is indeed true, then Sunil Gurjar can also be held responsible for being a part of the larger conspiracy.


However, he continues to lead a near-normal life, without the fear of imprisonment. In fact, he is also alleged to have defrauded many innocent and gullible individuals of their money by offering consultancy and assistance in securing jobs. While that is an entirely different case with different allegations being leveled against him, it indicates that he is not a newcomer to criminal activities. The fact that he has been alleged to have been involved in massive fraud with a large number of gullible and innocent victims from economically weaker sections of society, shows his desire for earning illicit wealth. It is highly probable that he had aspirations to go up the organisation ladder or to make a quick buck by involving himself in making out the video CD and distributing it. The case which hogged the headlines of newspapers and prime time of television was one of the reasons behind the fast-paced investigations. Without the outrage of media and among the public, it is hard to imagine people like Sunil Gurjar even being questioned for complicity in a crime. The hope of law-abiding Indian citizens will be to see higher conversion rates in cases involving powerful individuals who have exploited gullible victims.

The few that got away in the infamous scandal that rocked India

History is replete with anecdotes and records of despicable crimes. Crime prevention has been possible in many nations mainly as a result of retributive and punitive actions. Strong deterrent action is always a disincentive for committing a crime. While it is true that eliminating crime may not be entirely possible, as man’s emotions often become uncontrollable, resulting in irrational violent behavior. However, it is possible to reduce the number of crimes in society by handing down punishment to those who are accused of a crime. One such infamous case that rocked the collective conscience of a shocked nation was that of Bhanwari Devi in the state of Rajasthan. While some of the accused have been arrested and are awaiting trial, many are roaming scot-free, due to many reasons.

Sunil GurjarSabal Bharat

Jurisprudence is a complicated subject, and the manner in which it is interpreted determines the effectiveness of the justice system. In India, and in most other nations across the globe, it is well settled that punishment needs to be meted out to those who are proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. However, in many cases, due to various reasons, establishing proof of culpability in a crime is often impossible. Courts rely on circumstantial evidence, and secondary evidence to establish the guilt of the accused. The mighty and powerful get away with crimes, because of the ability to make use of the loopholes in the law. The absence of primary or direct evidence to substantiate the reports of investigating agencies makes it difficult for courts to convict alleged defenders.

In such cases, it is left to the indirect or secondary evidence, to establish the guilt of the accused. This results in creating escape hatches for the accused. It becomes more convenient for the accused if they happen to be men of power or connected with the right kind of people. The finest example of this is the case of the female nurse in Rajasthan who was exploited and finally killed for demanding favors and blackmailing. Over a period of years, the nurse was exploited by powerful bureaucrats and politicians. This was more like a ring of like-minded individuals who got together to prey on hapless women belonging to weaker sections of society.

Bhanwari Devi’s beauty and youth attracted this ring of depraved individuals. Unfortunately, the easy route to riches and fame appealed to her, and she became a participant of these illicit relations with the high and mighty. She sought and received favors from those who took advantage of her sexually. It is not just the good things that will come to an end, it is also the evil activities that will always come to an end. This happened in the case of all the individuals concerned when Bhanwari Devi began making demands. She aspired to rise in the corridors of power and wanted to contest the elections in addition to receiving huge sums of money. A group of people who were exploiting her was in no mood to consent to her demands. When she attempted to use other methods to receive her due, the position of these powerful individuals ended up on the shaky ground. This led to the abduction and murder of the nurse was once the choice of these people to satiate their lust.

The characters in the plot 

Investigation revealed that a minister in the Rajasthan government was involved in the case. Due to immense pressure from the media and the public, he ended up losing his position as a minister. He was unceremoniously sacked from the government and was asked to join the investigation. MahipalMaderna, the ex-minister was taken into custody and imprisoned. Due to deteriorating health conditions, he was shifted to a hospital for treatment.

Another individual who was closely associated with the deceased was Malkhan Singh Bishnoi. He was an influential person in Rajasthan politics and continues to have extensive business interests. He was allegedly another one among the group who was smitten by the beauty of Bhanwari Devi. He was repeatedly questioned by the central investigating agency, the CBI, he has not been arrested, and continues to manage business interests, like running a fraud NGO, defrauding millions in Rajasthan.

A few characters in the plot are absconding from the clutches of the law and have managed to evade the investigating agencies for a very long period. Among the important accused who are key to solving the crime is Sahi Ram Bishnoi. The investigating agencies have concluded that he is directly involved in the abduction and disappearance of the deceased. He was apparently available near the residence of the ex-minister during the time of the abduction. It is alleged that he had a direct role in the abduction and one of the reasons for absconding is direct involvement in the crime.

Sunil GurjarNasirabad


The key to the success of the investigation was the arrest and charging of SohanLalBishnoi. The deceased was apparently on her way to meet him when she was abducted. The investigation agencies have concluded that he was part of the trap that was laid to make her travel on the bus from where she was to be abducted. He allegedly gave all information about her movements to the gang that was contracted with the task of abducting her. He is presently lodged in prison, and establishing his guilt is pivotal to the whole narrative of the prosecution.

Another category of co-accused in the case are individuals who have been questioned at length but have managed to evade arrest. This has been possible due to a combination of reasons. One is the power of influence at work, and the other is the well-planned actions of the accused which may have been worked out to ensure that there would be no legal problems. Sunil Gurjar is one such accused in the case who is alleged to have played a very important role in the crime. He is reportedly the person who helped the victim to get in touch with a power broker from Delhi reportedly offered to pay her use sum of money in return for the sleaze CD which she had made. The whole offer of a deal was probably a ruse to get her out of home and to prevent her from sharing the contents of the CD. While there is quite substantial evidence against the accused, he still managed to stay free from the clutches of the law.